Yes, I really did get a blog.

You’re probably asking yourself right now “Greg, why would an infamous Luddite like yourself suddenly start a blog?” (If you didn’t ask yourself that, ignore the previous sentence). The short version is I have been wanting to start one for sometime and I finally found a free moment. I’ve thought about keeping a journal, but at the same time, create something that other people might find interesting enough to read. More than any other form of social media, a blog (if used properly) captures all the charm and elegance of old fashioned letter and journal writing. There is this constant fear that modern social media is forcing everyone to reduce all their thoughts and beliefs to 140 characters. I don’t know how founded that fear is, but I know that expressing myself in that small of a space is rather limiting. I also read somewhere that keeping a blog is a great way to practice writing, both from a content and an editing perspective. As much as we would like to ignore this fact, expressing yourself in writing is still one of the most valuable skills an adult can have. So now is the time to get better at it.

This is not going to be one of those blogs where I write vaguely about the emotional ups-and-downs of being a 20-something. You might occasionally get some of that, but ultimately, this blog is going to attempt to be fun, witty, and entertaining. But also educational (there’s that word). As any of you that know me personally can attest, it’s impossible to be around me for more than a short period of time without being bombarded with obscure movie quotes, references to a Gilbert and Sullivan Opera, or random facts about some European Duke that you’ve never heard of. So now, rather than talking about 18th century Austrian foreign policy at a bar (an analysis of Maria Theresa’s policy of detente with France in the 1750s doesn’t really make for great small talk), I’m posting all of that stuff here, to browse at your leisure.

If you want to see funny .gifs and short posts about movies or sports, check out my Facebook wall. If you would like to see my thoughts on topics as diverse as US foreign policy, music, movies, literature, art, and 19th century history, then stick around. I can’t promise it will always be fun and entertaining, but I’m trying my best. It will however always be educational (stop rolling your eyes already).

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